No Data since morning

I have no more incoming data since this morning on my node, I do not understand why?
Only outgoing data, however I still have space in my dashboard and on my hard drive.
Do you have the same problem ?

How big is your trash folder? I think it counts towards your used space so that your node will not run out of space. Once some files from your trash folder gets really deleted you will see more ingress. At least that’s what I am observing.

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yes that’s exactly it my trash folder is 1.20 TB
I delete what is inside or let my node take care of it?

It will be removed automatically. NEVER remove anything yourself. But such a large trash folder suggests your node missed a lot of deletes or has been offline for a long time which triggered pieces being repaired. What has your uptime been like?


Never delete anything without support telling you. The node will take care of it.


uptime of my node is 100%

Probably due to the massive uploads to nodes. At least 6 of mine nodes are full and this only the past week!

please don’t show sensitive info when posting, its also not recommended to publish your Synology web interface to the internet.

I would normally wait 1-3 days until I make any judgements about traffic. It goes up and down, but generally more up than down.