No data traffic after restarting the router and changing the ip

A colleague from the telegram group was saying that after changing the IP he had problems.

After changing the IP, the online node appears. but does not receive or send data.

On my node. I have restarted my router so that the ip changes. The ip has changed. duckdns has detected the ip change. the node appears as online. Traffic has disappeared.

Before rebooting the router I had a constant 30mbps download usage. and uploads at times. The same amount of data from day 6 to 12 June.

what’s going on ?
Is there a penalty for making an IP change?

On my node. It took more than 15 days without changing the IP or restarting the router.

did not upload the image correctly.

Hello @Vicente,
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The storagenode contact satellite with updates within a hour. You can restart the storagenode to update the satellite with a new info immediately, but usually not needed.
The constant traffic is not guaranteed. The space and bandwidth are used by real people.
FYI: we do not have a support on Telegram

Thanks a lot.

I hope to recover traffic in the next hours or days.

I am in a Telegram group of storj in Spain. It is spoken in Spanish.

After europe-north satellite maintenance, traffic stopped. We run out of traffic :cry:

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