No held amount retured from saltlake sattelite


Tried searching but didn’t find any answer…
I have been a node operator for over 2 years. According to my dashboard the saltlake sattelite is now 16 month old. I was under the impression that I should have received the held amount for this satellite return this payout? Or do I remember this incorrectly?
FYI I have opted in for zkSync on all my nodes, but have always also received payments every month earlier on L1, since I have three quite large nodes so I receive $100+ every month.

Far as I know you only get 50% of the held back. You either got it or its a month after.

Hi moonshine,

Your node does receive 50% of the held amount after 15 months. But depending on the exact date your node registered with the satellite, this might show on your dashboard as being in the 16th month. And since payouts are after the month in question, your dashboard might be indicating it is the the 17th month before you get it back.

For example, my node had first contact with saltlake on 2020-02-11. +15 months would be 2021-05-11 (yesterday). So I would expect to see my 50% holdback amount released in the payout for May, which will take place in June.


This has confused me for a long time as well, but it actually makes sense.

  • Some day within month 1, your node was started and was exactly 0 months old
  • Some day within month 2 your node becomes 1 months old etc.
  • So some day within month 16 your node becomes 15 months old
  • The held amount will be returned with the payout of month 16, which happens in month 17
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Thank you. That makes sense. I guess my node got contact with the saltlake at the same date as your node, since i guess both our nodes was up before the saltlake satellite was created.

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Yes, I guess you are right. But the dashboard could show some information that made this clearer.
But not a big deal.
I guess I will have the 50% of held amount for my nodes the next payout then. $$$ :wink:

Edit: I guess everyone with “old” nodes will have held amount payouts then?

Thank you for the response. I was not talking about what amount to get, but yes, I’m only expecting 50%.