No incoming flow since 4 days

Since 4 days I no longer have an incoming flow on my 3 nodes, the outgoing flow is working. I am 100% on all indicators

Which version do the nodes run with?


Also, do you have a free space?

I’m getting tons of data all day today.

Finally hit the forums to see if anyone else had this happen. I’ve been flat on incoming usage since the 17th, and no incoming repair since the 18th. Suspension and audit look good with only 1 value not at 100% (asia east @ 99.47 online), not seeing anything of note in the logs. (Docker on Linux, v1.16.1) Still have about 0.8TB free. At first I thought it was just slowdown from the holidays but if others are getting data I’m wondering if it is just me. Only a small node as it is my first.

You need to update your node.


Thanks, up on v1.18.1 now, will monitor. Appreciate the quick response!

Besides letting the node auto-update with watchtower, how can I check what the latest version is? Thought I could do so by looking at the Docker page but that doesn’t present anything useful to me. Still learning here.

You can always check here. and here


Thanks again, data is already flowing in. Looks like the link will be more useful as it lists the minimum allowed version. Now if only the mouseover on the node dashboard could reflect both minimum allowed and current stable, that would be awesome.

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Would really recommend just using watchtower. This will happen every time you’re more than 1 version behind.

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More just out of curiosity on this topic, on our dashboards, as shown in the screen shot above, and in that link, it states that V1.13.0 is the minimum version. But as the OP stated, they were on V1.16.X.

I’m well aware of the new rules that are in place that prevent new ingress on nodes that are more than two versions behind the current version, but why is the minimum version so much older than what we know is the reality?

Reality being that V1.19.X is the current release ATM, therefore we know that 1.17.X is the minimum version allowed, no? Even though it doesn’t appear that 1.19.X is released for docker nodes quite yet. So we’re on 1.18.X. OP was on 1.16.X, which is why they weren’t receiving ingress…

I’m sure this is just a lack of understanding on my part. I have a few ideas as to why minimum is stated as 1.13.X, but I figure it’s better not to speculate wildly and simply just ask the question.

there isnot much ingress at all now.

Nodes still work fine if they are above 1.13, they just don’t get ingress anymore. This is a warning system long before the node is so old that it can’t communicate with the network at all anymore. If you are running 1.12 right now your node will not get any traffic anymore and will soon be disqualified. That’s why that is the absolute minimum version. You should make sure to always be up to date though. Don’t try to ride on the edge of what is allowed.

ah, okay. that makes sense. thanks for the clarification.

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