No ingress after a ~10 days outage

My ISP put me behind a CGNAT during my holiday.

It has been fixed, and all my nodes came back to online by now, even if I has been suspended on 1 satellite on 1 node -but it’s okay - time will solve it. Nodes are online, and they receiving a a download requests.

Unfortunately none of it receives an ingress. It has absolutely zero upload request.

Anyone has any idea what could I do with it?

My best guess is that you were actually down for over 11 days and your online percentage has dropped below 60% for the past 30 days. This means your node has been suspended for low uptime. It will take a while for your node to recover from that. At least 19 days. You don’t have to do anything except keep your node online. Make sure you don’t incur more downtime.

You can check the scores on the dashboard to verify your downtime numbers.


Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

Definitely. My online scores are below 60% percent (its about 55% avg).

Even If I’m in the project 2y ago, I had no clue about these threshold. Indeed. It will be recovered by time.

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It’s unfortunate that you were just too late with recovering it. But luckily there won’t be lasting consequences.

The terms actually say your node needs to be online for 99.3% of the time. Luckily the actual consequences aren’t nearly that strict. But I recommend striving for that number anyway. Of course this was really an unavoidable situation. But yeah, just stay online and in about 19 days you should be getting data again.