No ingress for over 1 month (only egress)

I have no ingress for over 1 month. Only egress.
I’m running the node on Qnap and have had 2-3 restarts because of QNAP Firmware upgrades.

Is this normal?

Hello @matsmats,
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If your storagenode is two versions behind the current version (1.31.2), it will not have any ingress.
Please, update your storagenode: Software Updates - Node Operator and configure automatic updates: Software Updates - Node Operator

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m already running Watchtower, but it looks like its not running properly giving “Waiting for running update to be finished…” in the console.

I removed and added the Watchtower docker image with the correct cmd line via ssh and it’s not returning the console info message anymore.

Should I wait and see if the Node is updated, or should I do a manual update of the Node docker image?

You can wait (12h-72h) until it automatically update the storagenode or can update it manually. The next update should happen automatically.

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Thanks! I’ll wait and see if the storagenode is updated automatically to verify the update process is working.

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Just make sure that you do not have more than one instance of watchtower running

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@matsmats Is it updated?

Thanks for the follow up.

I noticed I started the storagenode with a different name than the one I specified in watchtower.

So I started a new docker and everything is up and running now.

I’ll monitor the update process now so I’m sure it’s working.

Thanks again :blush:

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Watchtower is working perfectly :slight_smile: