No Ingress for two days... worried!

Hi folks, since October 7. Ingress was really low, and since October 10. there was none at all. Is there something wrong with my nodes?
ID of one of my nodes: 1iYiovYSbtfvGPrKc5GLGrz8CMvLBmdXaELcyf96AgvWYuXtg

What version of SN do you have? v1.13.3 or …?

1.12.3… is that a problem?

See Alexey’s answer here:

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I think you linked the wrong post.

Stefan just added some more info.

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Thanks for your reply guys! I’ve now updated to 1.13.3 and it seems that Ingress is going in!
Now I need to figure out how to automate this…

For docker version:
For Linux you can use a storagenode-updater as a service. You need to feed it with parameters similar to

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