No ingress in the last 16 hours

Hi there,

I’ve got a node in docker linux arm32 (RPi4B) using the tag “latest”, so my version is 1.49.5.
16 hours ago I dont receive ingress, egress works perfectly.

Am I forced to update my node manually to have ingress? I prefer still using “latest”.

Thanks in advance.

Same here :frowning:
Also on RPI. what should we do?

@RuMbOiDe and At the moment, the latest tag will not update for for arm32. You will need to manually update your nodes with a specific image, otherwise your nodes will not get any more ingress. I know Storj is working on updating the latest tag, but for now you will have to use a specific tag.

Stop your node, remove the container, and run your docker run command again, except instead of using storjlabs/storagenode:latest change the image to


More info can be found here:

And keep an eye on that forum category to see when you can switch back to the latest tag. This version downloads the updater inside the container, so it should be able to keep your nodes current for the time being.


Thanks @baker !!!
It works! But the image is storjlabs/storagenode:bfc3d4c9d-v1.52.2-go1.17.5


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Glad it worked! And thanks, I fixed the storjlabs part of the image in my post. I am constantly making that mistake, good catch!

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Thanks @baker, I’m back in business!

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So what’s the point of having watchtower (the storj edition) taking care about node updates if it will end up not working properly?

It’s working. Just latest tag was not updated to have arm32. This is for the reason:

The previous base image for arm32 (official alpine) has a lot of bugs, which prevented to work normally almost all arm32 nodes without patch of the underlaying OS (!). So we decided to do not push the latest tag for arm32 until it will be fixed and tested by the Community.
When all concerned SNO with arm32 have tested it and have not had issues (mostly) - it was updated.
Now the watchtower will update your arm32 node within 24-72 hours after the push.