No new node version for a while?

Maybe a silly question, but my node hasn’t seem to have updated since 10 June 2021, on version v1.31.2 running the standard docker container and watchtower.

No errors, but I see GitHub has a new version from 8 days ago. Not sure if I should be auto-updating? I don’t see any documentation change.

Uptime is 735h 35m with normal in and egress.

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Hey. The docker version is updated 5-7 days after the gui version. Then watchtower will take some time to pull the update (if you dont have watchtower: Software Updates - Node Operator). After 10 days your node should be updated, if not you might want to check watchtower/update manually.

But your node will still rune fine on older versions. You can check the minimum version on the dashboard (hover over the part with “version”)

My Linux nodes updated yesterday automatically to v1.33.1

Yes, it was a longer lived version than normal.
I don’t remember seeing it announced here either

As luck would have it, Watchtower upgraded to v1.33.1 3 hours ago :slight_smile: