No update to V 1.13.1

not update to version 1.13.1
Its my 2nd node in windows 10

C:\Program Files\Storj1\Storage Node>storagenode-updater.exe run
2020-09-23T23:28:52.149-0300    FATAL   Unable to find storage node executable binary.

just copy this binary from your first node.

but wich ones??? :thinking: :thinking:

storagenode.exe will be the last

C:\Program Files\Storj1\Storage Node>storagenode-updater.exe run
2020-09-24T01:56:36.115-0300    INFO    Invalid configuration file value for key        {"Key": "log.stack"}
2020-09-24T01:56:36.120-0300    FATAL   Unable to find storage node executable binary.

There was already a storagenode.exe in the folder, but still I copied a storagenode.exe from the folder of the first node and this exits when running the storagenode.updater.exe

you cant update additional node with default updater. Update it by toolbox.

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