No upload for 2 days


I have no ingress at all for 2 days on my two new nodes.
Egress has fallen too but there is still some.

It is coinciding with when I installed the watchtower container, but I do see the link or any errors in the logs.

Is there a network issue ?

most likely you have some sort of software / firewall / router which blocks the incoming data.
maybe you used a ddns and the ip changed, but then i think egress should also stop

is your suspension score still high?

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Yes, all audits are passing, my score is 100 % on the dashboard for all satellites.

Ports are open (checked on

Update your node software immediately.

Storj satellites stop uploading data to nodes that are two versions behind and nodes that are three versions behind are not considered online, so if you ever get to that point your node will start losing online score and will eventually be disqualified.


good call totally missed that because he wrote new nodes.

there was a new update a few days ago, and thus version 1.36 is now outdated and will not be getting any ingress until updated to the new version.

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Thank you !
I have updated my nodes to 1.39.5 and uploads restarted.

But the watchtower container shouldn’t do that for me ?

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yes watchtower should update, there is a new version on the way also, should update again in like a week, so check that it does update then, if it doesn’t you will need to fix it.

you can ofc take a look at it now if you want, personally i would just maybe go over watchtowers settings and then just wait and see what happens in the next week

might take a day or two before watchtower does update.

maybe that was the issue, not sure how you managed to end up with an old version.

@littleskunk maybe a new node or watchtower should check version or attempt to update when running for the first time.

Please, remove all watchtower containers:

docker rm --force $(docker ps -qf ancestor=storjlabs/watchtower)

Then run it back:

It was because I did not changed the command with the names of my nodes when I launched the watchtower container.

Thank you for your help.

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