No uploads/ingress following node restart

I had to temporarily stop my node (for <1min) to increase the node storage capacity. Since the node restarted about an hour ago, it has not received any uploads – there aren’t even any failed uploads.

Downloads are still happening, and my other node (which was not restarted) is still receiving uploads.

Upload history from the node that was restarted:


Upload history from one of my other nodes:


This data is measured from the storagenode logs. I’ve manually inspected the logs for the node that was restarted and found no lines mentioning uploads since the restart. There are many lines mentioning downloads, and there are no errors to be seen.

This is the first time I’ve seen this behavior following a node restart. Is this expected following some recent updates to the storagenode and/or satellite code? When can I expect to start receiving upload requests again?

Just wait about hour and it will back to the normal state

If your node is detected as offline by the satellites, they will no longer suggest your node to uplinks as an upload target until the satellite has verified that your node is online again. Currently those uptime checks are happening at random intervals I believe and the method is the same for online and offline nodes.
Changes are planned that will increase the frequency of uptime checks by a lot for nodes that are offline, so it can be detected much more quickly when nodes are back online.

More info here on the discussed/planned changes:

tl;dr: Don’t worry about it, traffic will return as soon as the satellites have performed a new uptime check. Usually within an hour or 2. Do keep in mind though that testing and usage can be intermittent as well, so times with no or little traffic can happen.

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Thanks, this is exactly the info I was looking for.

Right. What worried me was that my other nodes were still seeing uploads. Generally as long as all of my nodes show the same trends, I assume that any changes in the trends are due to changes in usage network-wide.

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I forgot to mention, but do make sure your node shows as online on the dashboard. Otherwise there may be something else going on.