No usage ingress since today

Hey folks,
At my current location im running two nodes both are showing since today no ingress usage.
One node: 5.5 TB fully used

Second node 1.7 from 10 TB used

Egress for both nodes works fine i found no obvious issue yet.
Also the ingress repair even if its small works.
Both nodes are still running on 1.26.3 via docker on linux.
Can someone assist please?

Thanks for your help!

It’s probably because your node hasn’t updated yet which made you 2 versions behind (even though only 1 version was pushed as an update). I ran into the same issue and after the nodes got updated, ingress was back. So either wait a bit for your watchtower to update the nodes or update them manually.

Yeah, Storj started screwing up node operators this way without any communication.

Thanks for the fast replys i did the manual update for now and it works.
Im a bit curious that watchtower was not able to update this release cycle before i got two versions in behind :smiley:

There was only one version pushed which is 2 versions further than the last update. So watchtower can’t do anything about it.

Same Here. Why again is Not watchtower updating? Do Not get it.
I restart my node every 30 hours. By command Stop node and Start node after re Boot.
Please clarify ?!

I’ve also had no ingress today. I just set up my node 5 days ago, have there really been mission-critical updates to the software in that time frame? My friend who was helping me set it up urged me to hold off on getting Watchtower set up (I think he wanted to find a time he could go through it with me and advise me on some settings). But maybe that’s holding me back?

Is there an easy way from the command line to determine what version I’m running (in docker) and what the current version is?

You can look at the cli dashboard or web dashboard.


docker exec -it storagenode /app/

Current version is 1.29.3 (as of time of post, available docker version is 1.28.2)

Thanks! I’ve been hesitant to use the cli dashboard because I thought maybe it launched another instance of the node. Well, your encouragement was enough to try it. I see I’m running 1.26.3. I’ll look into how to upgrade. Much appreciated.

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No problem! This page provides instructions on how to setup watchtower and how to do a manual update.

Thanks! Did a docker stop, remove, pull, and run…all appears to be working well now, even have a few KB of new data ingested in the last few minutes. Found out why I was encouraged to hold off on watchtower – he wants to show me how to set things up in docker-compose first, and then configure watchtower once that’s taken care of.