No Usage This Month

Ive had no usage of my node this month since recovering a malformed node. Dash board originaly would not load and this was due to malformed db file. Went through the process on forum " " and now all seems to be running but im getting no usage.

Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v0.17.0 )


ID 1T6r86nNw7nMpnFgC8zN66nZgHMzbdwBtrcYYZUueFaBnhbPhj
Last Contact 1s ago
Uptime 32m37s

               Available         Used     Egress     Ingress
 Bandwidth       10.0 TB          0 B        0 B         0 B (since Aug 1)
      Disk        1.5 TB     505.0 GB

External REMOVED

Neighborhood Size 248

Your Storage Node has been disqualified due to failed audits.

Please ask for a new token.

how do i do that as i have tried but keep getting this message when requesting a new one is already subscribed to list Getting Ready for V3.

Try a different email address.

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Hello all, I Think my node is paused on those two sattelites:


What can I do about this?
When I start the node I don’t see orders from them.

That definitely doesn’t mean your node is paused. Not all satellites are very active yet and you only see orders being sent if your node has had dealings with that satellite in the last hour (or less if you restarted your node).

If you want to make sure you can use the API outlined here to check for yourself.

Your node is paused only if the audit score on that satellite has dropped below 0.60.

From sattelite




Yeah, so you’re doing great on all of them. Just not much traffic. It’s all good.