No Version since 1.3.3 on Grafana

On my Grafana there is no Node Version anymore.Bildschirmfoto von 2020-05-02 17-25-37

As this is not an official tool, you should check your query which you use to get that information. The API endpoint might have changed. Best to post your query and we can troubleshoot together!


What data source are you using? If you are using the Prometheus exporter it has not been updated with any changes to the API endpoints but you are more than welcome to submit a pull request for the fix. I am hoping to get around to updating my branch within the next week for any API endpoint changes if @greener does not beat me to it on their branch.

As @stefanbenten also mentioned, post the query and it will probably speed things up for narrowing down any changes.

So fix the problem? Shouldn’t be hard?

I am using this script from

With this query

select Version from StorJHealth WHERE time >= '2020-05-01T18:00:00.000000000Z' AND time <= '2020-05-01T23:00:00.000000000Z'
name: StorJHealth
time                Version
----                -------
1588356003000000000 1.1.1
1588356904000000000 1.1.1
1588357803000000000 1.1.1
1588358703000000000 1.1.1
1588359603000000000 1.1.1
1588360504000000000 1.1.1
1588361403000000000 1.1.1
1588362303000000000 1.1.1
1588363203000000000 1.1.1
1588364103000000000 1.1.1
1588365003000000000 1.1.1
1588365903000000000 1.1.1

You can see since when script has stopped getting the version number.

Probably best to open up a bug report on that Github repository then, higher likelihood that the person(s) who wrote and maintain that will see that it’s an issue. Likely an issue with the perl regex they’re using to parse the version from an initial glance at the script.