Nobody told the major disadvantages of zkSync that makes it useless as Ethereum

Today I transferred my zkSync Storj Tokens it is still transferring since 2 hours and can take up to 15 hours.

I totally disappointed about Ethereum. I saw some hope in Polygon. But this is to buggy and we have to trust a small amount of validators.

Today I lost my hope with zkSync.

Hi @jensamberg - are you using zkSync to transfer between zkSync addresses and services, or are you withdrawing from zkSync to a layer 1 address or service? The latter is indeed slow, but the former should be fast.

It is a transfer from zkSync to L1. Still pending :cry:

Yep, those are indeed slow. It doesn’t seem like zkSync withdrawals expose a bunch of control about how much you’re willing to pay for gas, but perhaps that’s something they’ll consider adding or making more visible.

Ok so it is Slow by Design? Hopefully my Tokens will arrive one day.

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Let us know if they do arrive eventually ^^’

If it’s any consolation, all of the layer 1 payments were sent this way (zkSync withdrawal) last night and seem to have all made it to their destinations this morning.


Will check tomorrow if the Tokens arrive my L1 address


They will arrive. zkSync - as a rollup - collects transactions, generates proof’s and sends them in bigger blocks to L1.

Also I am a huge supporter for L2’s, especially zkSync, but it’s not that economy reasonable to get payed in L2 and send it to L1 directly. L2 is only cheaper if you stay in L2 - for transfers… you have one of the best dex on zkSync :wink:

What is the DEX on L2 please tell me !

@jensamberg I think @Trooper is referring to Storj making the L1 SNO payments via zkSync.

@Stob Storj paying L1 via L2 is strange. But also small operators getting paid on L2 and withdrawal a day later.

@jensamberg Zigzag is an orderbook DEX on zkSync. It’s live for close to 6 months now. They offer a really good spread: 0.004% with $0.2 for transfer fees twitter

It’s not that strange. They can pay the fees with Storj this way.


I get the point of paying in STORJ. They roughly payed 5.94 STORJ per L1 payment Explore zkSync L2 Blockchain | zkSync Block Explorer

The fee for a STORJ L1 transfer was arround $2.34 in ETH Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

And that is for 2647 payments.

Just saying it’s a bit strange for a company to value paying the fee in STORJ that high.

The fee is significantly lower on L1 if you transfer all remaining STORJ balance in a wallet, like in your example. This wouldn’t be the case for Storj payouts of course. If a balance remains the L2 withdrawal fee is only about 2-3% higher than a normal L1 transaction, which is well worth it if it saves them the cost for having to exchange STORJ for ETH.


Keep in mind that STORJ is free for them while ETH or USD aren’t. They have an almost unlimited amount of STORJ that was premined. They’re not buying any with USD to pay transaction fees. If they use L1 they would have to buy ETH to pay transaction costs.