Node #2 Identities? Auth Tokens? How do these play?

Hello everyone,

Storage Node 1 has been up and running for a good chunk of time now.

Looking to Setup my second node. Presumably I can just install a second docker instance running on a new port and forwarding rules in place. Do I need a second Auth Token? Do I use the existing one? Do I setup a new identity or use the existing one? Wallet Address is likely fine to use the same wallet address. Just trying to sort out how Auth Token vs. Identities play into second third and fourth nodes…

Any help would be appreciated…

Hallo @Lipora,

first of all, there is no reason to run multiple nodes, as they will essentially be treated as one, meaning your first node will get less data from that point going forward.

Answering your question, you need a new auth token and identity!

I can just advise you to tune your existing node and keep that online as good as possible, instead of spinning up multiple smaller (and conflicting) nodes!

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So far a week in I’m not worried about “tuning my existing node” other than just bringing it down to patch the OS for 15 minutes I haven’t had any major downtime at all on the node. The patching was 30 minutes. Besides to tune it I need more info that what I’ve seen so far from the platform. I’m hoping Snoboard helps with that.

The reason for the second node is the first one is already nearly full. I’d rather experiment with getting a second node up early and be ready once I get to full. My understanding is that once a node is full then you stand up a second one.

Correct me if I am wrong…

Yes, you can start a second node, but it should have an own identity and own authorization token.

Are both nodes on the same drive? Same computer?

No, @stefanbenten this would either be new motherboard and new drive or at minimum new drive same PC.

Is it still the idea that you should wait until your first node it full? Is there a way to check that it is fully verified before I start my second node?

Try to restart the container docker restart -t 300 storagenode and take lines with voucher:

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep -i voucher

If you don’t see any messages about vetting - your node is vetted on all satellites.

However, multiple nodes will be treated as only one node.