Node after restart is offline


I just restart the container of storage node, I looked at docker logs and there is no progress o ly showing version 0.22.1 .

I have no idea why this happened.


It is back again, but the performance is an as usual.

Sometimes it takes a little while to start and sometimes it starts straight away. As Long as you dont get any errors from start

Its probably just not that much activity

Yes, there are no actual activities such download or upload

I can confirm that. No traffic since hours. Node ist restarted and online.

Well its mostly test data and consumer data would be low now as its weekend.

Test will probably continue om monday again but most likely with same speed as before so dont expect full turbo Speed🙂

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Thanks for the info. At the next test an announcement would be nice. We are Beta, I know. But if happens nothing (traffic), i’am worried the mistake is mine.

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Well see it like this. There is always test data until the launch and maybe after launch to if theres something devs are trying to solve.
Its just been some less test data lately thats all.

But how much or little data there are on the network, well thats up to the devs how much or hard they want to test everything. The only way to see this is in your log. And probably here in the forum too from any of us users thats happy for the amount of data being distributed.

And if your node is new you only going to get 5% of the data until your node is vetted. As long as you dont se any strange error messages or fatal ones you are online and rocking🙂. Just keep it on.

I have uptime robot checking my storj port so I always get a email if it goes down. Great way if your computer shutsdown, reboots or whatever happens.

Btw welcome to the forum👍

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And also thanks for the welcome and the detailed explanation. :wink:

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Idk of detailed but hope it helped some.
Happy to help

My node is OFFLINE after having been updated to the latest 0.23 version.

It was stopped a few days ago because of Windows updates (UGH… again… I DISABLED the service but it started again… damn MS (and no… this machine is not going to run Linux).

2019-10-13T08:40:18.477Z INFO Configuration loaded from: /app/config/config.yaml
2019-10-13T08:40:18.490Z INFO Operator email:
2019-10-13T08:40:18.490Z INFO operator wallet: 0xXYZOLHL:H:KDh:KHDP:
2019-10-13T08:40:19.021Z INFO version running on version v0.23.2
2019-10-13T08:40:19.034Z INFO db.migration Database Version {“version”: 25}
2019-10-13T08:40:19.057Z INFO contact:chore Storagenode contact chore starting up
2019-10-13T08:40:19.057Z INFO bandwidth Performing bandwidth usage rollups
2019-10-13T08:40:19.058Z INFO Node 1xyz85769876087 started
2019-10-13T08:40:19.058Z INFO Public server started on [::]:28967
2019-10-13T08:40:19.058Z INFO Private server started on
2019-10-13T08:40:19.123Z INFO piecestore:monitor Remaining Bandwidth {“bytes”: 3812792846080}
2019-10-13T08:40:19.164Z INFO version running on version v0.23.2
2019-10-13T08:55:19.504Z INFO version running on version v0.23.2

Can anyone tell if this is normal atm?
Will the node get online without further action on my side?

It is running now.
I didn’t know the OFFLINE state would automatically turn into ONLINE by itself.

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