Node age off by 1 month on every satellite on all my nodes in web gui

Where does the web gui take the age of a node from? It is 1 month lower for all my nodes for all satellites compared to the script, which takes the info from the reputation.db

I expected some payback of the held amount from 2 satellites this month, on which the node is in it’s 16th month according to the script. But the web guy say I’m just in the 15th month. Also all other satellites report 1 month too less on all other nodes.

Edit: Is it possible that it doesn’t count calendar months and rather really months from the join date? I joined all satellites after the 10th of a month, so I will see in 2 days if something changes.

I’m pretty sure the calculation should be exactly the same in the most recent version. I created a bug report for that on github and they basically took over the calculation I suggested.

Are you sure you’re looking at the right spot, the interface can be somewhat confusing.

Month 15 is highlighted, but the actual month number is 17 as mentioned below it.

Additionally, payout of 50% held back amount is happening with the payout of month 16, during month 17. So the payout we just received included the 50% held back return for that satellite in the screenshot. This is definitely wrong as it says right there that that should happen in month 15. But I’ve seen the same thing on another satellite and reported this a few months ago already.

Edit: Yep, this looks correct to me.


Just double checking, you’re node is on version 1.6.4?

Edit: Might also want to try refreshing the dashboard with CTRL+F5 or if that doesn’t work, restarting the node and checking again. Maybe the value is cached somewhere.

version 1.6.4
CTRL+F5 done several times, also used different browser
just restarted one of the nodes

same result. And it happens on all nodes and all satellites.

Same here:


I checked just my main node before. Turns out my 2 newer nodes are having the same problem. Weird how it could be fine on one node, but wrong on 2 others that run on the exact same system.

Mine are all over the place. Earnings script shows:


But dashboard shows:
us-central: month 18 (matches)
europe-west: month 14 (does not match)
europe-north: month 3 (does not match)
asia-east: month 13 (does not match)
saltlake: month 5 (does not match)
stefan-benten: month 17 (matches)

That confirms my suspicion in the edit of my first post. All satellites you joined before the current day of the month are right, the other ones wrong.

As suspected one of the satellites I joined on a 10th of the month “caught up” today and displays the same month as the earnings script.

So either the code from the git repo above is not used or is not working.

I can confirm the same behaviour here with the asia-east satellite for my node.

I created an internal issue for this case


I might have overlooked something. This was fixed prior to the release of v1.6.x but it seems to not have been included in that release.

Looks like it’ll be in the next one though.

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Could you please check it?

Problem seems to be solved. The WebGUI shows the same month as the earnings calculator now.


There still seems to be a slight discrepancy in the web dashboard as of v1.12.3. Looking at EU-North: 6th month

Web Dashboard: 6th month in summary, 5th month in detailed history

I expect these will all say 6 month when September 18th hits (for me at least)
The same can be seen for other satellites as well

In the held amount history - “age”, 5 months old. In the summary - it’s your 6th month.
What’s wrong?

I see what you are saying. I think I got caught in the linguistics of it, with it not saying “6th month”. It seems a bit ambiguous though. Feel free to disregard.

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