Node appears to be offline on

I know it is not official, yet I want to check if it is an issue that my node appears as offline on despite working fine otherwise (looking at logs and dashboard)?
For instance, I can see Last Contact 0s ago in dashboard and successful requests processing in logs.

you are not alone, all nodes are not active.
most likely due to upgrade to version 19

Changes are being made to the node software that already broke some functionality and will break pretty much all functionality of that site. As long as the dashboard shows a last contact at or near 0s and you see some transfers (even if it’s just an audit now and then) happening, you’re node is fine.

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I saw this too and panicked! I saw the sea of red on the StorjNet site and thought my server or connection had gone down. Neither of them had.

Seeing these updates was a relief, my version is now the latest (v0.19) and I too am also seeing the same as posted here: Pq: duplicate key value violates unique constraint \"used_serials_pkey\" (after upgrade to v0.19.0)

Last contact time is always sub 1s so based on the information here I’m happy for now!

My node seems to be online on