Node consuming more blobs than allocated storage

Currently running version: v0.33.4
Allocated storage: 2TB

Storj reports: 222.1 GB Available / 1.8 TB Used
File system usage shows:

du -d1 -h
84G     ./trash
33K     ./garbage
3.0T    ./blobs
5.1M    ./temp
33K     ./blob
3.1T    .

I understand there is a 10% overhead required but this equates to a 50% overhead. To me that seems either garbage collection is partially working, or the node is ignoring the allocated storage quota and under-reporting the space used.

I can confirm I see piecestore deletion messages in the node logs.

Is this a known issue?

6.4TB Allocated
Storj reports 3.4TB Available, 3.0TB used

mine reports with NCDU Total: 2.8TB
2.7 TiB [##########] /blobs
62.8 GiB [ ] /trash

du -d1 -h rounds up, but it’s still 2.8TB total.

Hello @r0b0tn11k,
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Did you have a previous node?

Thanks. Long time lurker and observer :wink:

No previous node, I’ve had the same ID since I got my alpha invite way back at the start. I moved all the data from one physical host to a new one with my same ID thirteen months ago. Back then I had the minimum storage allowance set but have since increased it to the 2TB set now.

Beware of the difference between TB and TiB.
Storj reports sizes in TB.
“df” reports sizes in TiB, unless you use “-H” instead of “-h”.

thanks, i did not know that.

Am using DU and NCDU instead though, because DF only reports attached disk / mount sizes. We’re looking for individual folder sizes.

@Alexey - should I open an issue on Github for this particular problem?

Since it’s only one occurrence, I think it’s a local problem with a database.
The issue would not help.

Please, try to restart the storagenode and see, how calculations are changed.

Results after a restart are roughly the same as previous although I noted a slight decrease due to some deletions:

> du -d1 -h
12G     ./trash
33K     ./garbage
2.9T    ./blobs
5.1M    ./temp
33K     ./blob
3.0T    .

This situation continues to worsen. I have restarted the storage node and I continue to consume more storage than what has been allocated. Now 1.75x the amount!!!

du -hd1
8.5G    ./trash
33K     ./garbage
3.5T    ./blobs
5.1M    ./temp
33K     ./blob
3.5T    .

Meanwhile, Storj reports:

                   Available       Used       Egress     Ingress
     Bandwidth       23.9 TB     1.1 TB     339.5 GB      0.8 TB (since Mar 1)
          Disk        5.9 GB     2.0 TB
External <redacted>:28967

It’s really disappointing that outlier issues are simply brushed off like this without further investigation. At this current rate, my node will be full within 1 month through no fault of my own as my hard limits are ignored.

I think you database has been corrupted and your node doesn’t aware of previous usage.
It will use the current limit as a threshold.

I advise lowering your limit to compensate for the data it’s unaware of. It’s not ideal but the alternative is starting over, which would be worse.

Isn’t the node software checking for all the files after a restart? Shouldn’t it notice orphan files if there were any?

I guess it’s worth also taking @Alexey’s point that there is likely a DB corruption that has happened. Is there a procedure or instructions on how to export the DB records for valid blob’s/pieces and recover these into a new DB?

It sounds like I will always have this issue until the DB has been repaired and I can either;

a) start over,
b) lower the storage limit and get paid less despite consuming more storage, or
c) rescue the database somehow

Now would be a great time for one of the Dev team to provide assistance on option © if that’s possible.

Unfortunately we do not have a such procedure at the moment.
The idea is to remove dependency on databases during the improving of storagenode, but we does not there yet.

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