Node crashes with "ERROR disk space requirement not met" when intentionally setting allocated storage to 0 B

I am currently running graceful exit on 1 of my Windows storage nodes - all sats are finished, but US1 seems to take forever (only reached 40% in one week). My thinking was I could reduce allocated space to 0 in order to reduce load on the node/my internet line.

If I set my allocated storage to 0 (or any other low value like 10 GiB), the node crashes with said error.

Question 1: is the 500 GiB minimum storage now an enforced requirement, so it is not feasible to use values below that anymore?
Question 2: did triggering GE already stop my node from accepting new pieces anyway?

Yes, the 500GB minimum is enforced in the code.

Yes, you shouldn’t have any ingress from satellites where GE is triggered.

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Thank you!

I am still getting piecestore messages though…

You can change in the config the minimal storage requirement to 1gig if you wanted too.

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Wow, that was an easy workaround :smiley:

The piecestore download messages are still there however - are these probably part of the GE process?

Sometimes it lags behind but they should stop, You should only see “Get” and no longer see “puts” It will still have egress while you run GE.


That’s what I’m seeing. Thanks Mate!

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