Node dashboard doesn't seem to display correct node version

I’m currently running 2 nodes. 1 for longer than i can remember and the 2nd for about 6 months.
Both run windows GUI and both nodes are on different machines. The older machine always updates correctly and runs perfectly. The 2nd node runs fine also but for last couple of updates the dashboard doesn’t seem to update correctly.
What i mean by this is currently the dashboard displays V1.15.3 but if i go in to the details tab of the node process on the task manager it shows product version as V1.16.1.

Within the storage node folder i can see all the storage.old.v------- right upto 1.15.3 and i can see storagenode-updater. 1.16.1 (dated 3/11) and current storagenode.exe (dated 7/11).

The only way to correct this seems to be restart the machine which is not ideal.

Any clues.

Have you tried clearing cache of your browser ?

That sounds like the updater failed to restart the storage node. If you check the binary on disk it will be the new one but the running storage node is still the old version until someone restarts it.

Yes restarting the node has up dated the dash board. Any way to solve this in the future?

I concur @nerdatwork. Ctrl+F5 in my browser, when looking at the dashboard forces a refresh of the node version shown.

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I cleared the cache first but still came up with previous version. It worked fine up until about 2 versions ago but now i have to restart node to update dashboard.

Please, try to update the updater: