Node dashboard is showing as offline (Windows)

Hi there,

i’ve installed the Windows client on my machine in December and everything was working fine until this afternoon.

I’ve moved house today so i’ve shutdown the pc, brought it to the new house, configured the router, connected the pc but the node dashboard is showing as Offline.

. Storj services are running
. Port 28967 forwarded and visible from the outside
. Router firewall is temporarily switched off
. Rules from the Windows Firewall untouched
. Pc restarted
. Services restarted
. Dynamic DNS updated
. Client version v 0.33.4

Please assist!

Thanks for your feedback.


hello do you have windows GUI or docker?
please refer to logs?what logs show?
If gui then it is in Program Files\storj\storagenode

You should test with your public IP address sometimes certain ddns addresses don’t work. If you picked one other then they can have issues.

Thanks everyone for your replies.
With the help of a friend the issue was identified.
Needed to change the config file - update the external ddns.


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