Node did not update and did not work for proably a month

Hi guys! I haven’t checked my node in the last two months, knowing that if something goes wrong I recive an email saying the node is offline. Also, I received payments last month, so I thought everything is allright. I checked the node now, and diaster. The node did not automatically update, and stopped working because the version was too old. I manually updated the node now, and managed to get it working again. Unfortunately, my online score is 0% for all satellites. Will I get disqualified? It’s strange because the dashboard still shows 1.34P of disk space used this month. I have about 200$ held amount. Should I do a graceful exit and start fresh? Is this going to affect my node performance by a lot?

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As it is only online scores that look affected, you should be fine. Online disqualification would be spread out over some time frame (last I heard was that it would be around a month) with some build in recovery windows; additionally, online disqualification has not been impleented yet to my knowledge.

Here is a link to an older post about an older release that provides a brief explanation with how suspension and disqualification will likely work (I believe there may be a more details explanation lying around somewhere on the form or in a Git commit, just haven’t found it): Changelog v1.14.1

That is actually not possible anymore. Only old nodes had a big held amount on stefan-benten satellite but that satellite shut down a few months ago and the held amount was paid to all active nodes.

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Yes, that is in fact true. I received most of the held amount from stefan-benten two months ago.

Your node will be fine, but be sure to keep it online from now on. Uptime disqualification will be enabled soon, so in the future your node will not survive something like this. But you can get back to 100% uptime in a month. After such a long down time you should expect to see your node move a lot of data to trash though. This is because some data on your node had to be repaired while it was down. Additionally deletes weren’t processed by your node while it was down. So expect some large moves to trash on the upcoming garbage collection runs. Other than that you should be fine. It could have been a lot worse. (And will be in the future)

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