Node died - missing payouts

Hi, I started my node around 7 months ago and haven’t really been following developments. I know there was some change in payouts and that there’s a new minimum payout limit due to the high transaction fees. So far so good, I interpreted this as me maybe not getting a payout every month but only every couple of months. So today I noticed my storj HDD died completely, there is no possibility of recovery and graceful exit. Before I set up a new node, I wanted to check my actual profitability, but I noticed that my 8TB node (which was at least a few TB in use) with very good uptime hadn’t received a payout since December. Now I know I can’t receive the “held amount” without a graceful exit, but why didn’t I receive anything for several months? Can I still get it somehow?

I guess I need to switch to zksync, but my node is dead. Can I still do it? Or can I somehow get a one-time payout regardless of the fees for the recent months? Or will it happen automatically if the fees drop below 25% of my remaining balance even though my node is offline?

Maybe you should contact support. Not 100% sure but this might be the place: Submit a request – Storj

Yes, the node will need to be disqualified and the wallet address not used for any other nodes. At that point the 4 times ERC20 transaction cost threshold does not apply and a payout will trigger in the following payout run.

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