Node disqualification after failed audits

Hey All,

I have started 2 nodes on different Synology NAS’es, but both have the same problems with failing audits

Any ideas what could be the issue?


Digging logs shows this kind of errors (can’t post the error in text):

Means your node is probably not running on the correct location or you lost some data and it will soon be DQed.

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when you made 2 nodes, did you made separete identity to them?
Check does they have same ID then it is normal than they got DQ

Yes, I used the same identity for both nodes. So do I need now to recreate identities for both nodes or I can reuse one existing?

yes you need 1 new and can use that was unused

ok, so I recreated second node with new identity and so far so good. But what is correct way to repair the first node, which is still disqualified? just remove ant start from scrach or there is a “nice way”? :slight_smile:

No, a disqualification is permanent and cannot be reversed.

To be clear, you will have to start over with new identities and new data for both nodes.

When you were using the same identity for both, the data was being pretty much spread out at random across both. But satellites assume the node with that identity has all the data. Since each node only had about half the data, it resulted in half the requests finding the data isn’t there. This killed the identity you were originally using.

So yes, start clean, remove all data and use 2 new identities.


I hope this is last question… but regarding the identities. Do I need to request new Auth token for each new identity or I can just create new identity and authorize it with the same token?

You need a separate auth token for each. They are single use. Make sure you use the first one before requesting a new one or you may get the same one again.

pretty sure one will get the same exact one again until it’s used…
atleast from what i tried, so i stopped even bothering to writing them down.

not sure what happens if one tries to sign a new identity with an already used auth token.

Nothing, the second identity will not be signed.

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