Node disqualification / unkown root cause (to improve)

Hi All,
Sorry to post a common topic, but I was not able to understand why my node 123gVVxQvAyanNCsN4pamWYF6yGaJ1tiJKRjapye5ikZUDzvMGQ has been disqualified from 2 satellites.
I didn’t find any information in the log file neither in the notification mails.
I would like to know how improving my storage rather than give up !
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @plevier,

The answer will be in the log files, please check for any WARN or ERROR entries - How do I check my logs? - Storj

Hi @Stob,
Thanks for your answer.
It seems that’s it’s probably due to an error accessing the folder F:\Storage\storage-dir-verification → FATAL error.
Do you know if this folder is persistant, and created by default during the node creation, or is created & suppressed dynamically.
For my node, this folder was not initialized during creation.
Thanks for your help.

Hello @plevier ,
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This file is created only during setup. If it’s unreadable, the node will not start.
Since it cannot be read it’s also suggest that your disk is likely damaged. I would like to suggest you to check this disk for errors and fix them.
This also can explain why your node is disqualified - because data was likely damaged too. Unfortunately, in the logs the storagenode will write only if data is missed, but not that it’s damaged, however, the audit score will drop.

The other way is to screw up the node is to use a different identity, than was during setup. If you didn’t reinstall the node, it will not start trying to protect your earnings.
But if you replaced an identity and reinstalled, this file will be created with a new identity. The new identity will not recognize the data from the old one and will consider it as a garbage. The garbage collector will remove all foreign data in a few weeks.

Thanks @Alexey for you answer.
I’m using a 1 Tb USB3 HD but apparently it’s not enough robust for this kind of intensive usage. I’ve stopped my node storage.
I like the initiative & concept of StorJ, so I would like to support it.
However I’ve the choice to invest in a new internal SATA 4TB HD or to invest the equivalent money into StorJ shares, which is simpler.
Could you confirm that if I invest in a new HD (ex: Seagate BarraCuda, 4 Tb), and with an internet fiber connection around 900Mb/s I’ll be compliant with node storage requirements ?
Thanks for your feedback.

The hardware recommendations you can see there: Prerequisites - Storj

We usually do not recommend to invest to anything with purpose only for Storj - it could not have a ROI any time soon, please use what you have now.
Most of external drives can be opened and you can install the HDD internally via SATA.