Node disqualified after 7+ month of working perfectly

Recently I saw that there was a great update to 1.9.5

and couple of hours latter my node was disqualified from 2 satellite in europe.

Before deleting 14TB of info, I want to understand what could cause this.

“Your node has been disqualified on 118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW 12L9ZFwhzVpuEKMUNUqkaTLGzwY9G24tbiigLiXpmZWKwmcNDDs. If you have any questions regarding this please check our Node Operators thread on Storj forum.”

Any place where I can take a look?

My Node IOD: 12RkpMXYS7tNZ5W5yRTEmPxGEbsiA2MrW5N2jk46jNzXRUdvaXV

I simply don’t get it. I invest in hardware, everything was working perfectly. I had 9 TB used right now from my 14 tb raid. Before joining a lot of people and quitting… could be great to understand what happened and if it can be fixed.


I saw those satellites had audit score low.

Try to search your log for “GET_AUDIT” and “failed” together.

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Did fint much, just 2 file not found. The thing is I guess those satellite has connection problem to US or my particular ISP. Since both nodes of mine had the issue with those. One node is like 3 weeks old. the other 7+ month.

Sad, very sad.

Tried the graceful exit, not for the held money (which is not much…) but for send the files back or to another nodes but it does not work either.

The idea of storj was good, but was terrible executed in so many ways.

I will open a new tread to see if some admin see is about helping to force the graceful exit.

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Your node should be at least 6 months old and MUST have good standing with the satellite for which you are executing GE. You can’t expect to perform GE on a satellite that disqualified your node.

This is by design. It will not help.

Well yes, I was doing that on satellites that I’m not disqualified of course.

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Your node was disqualified for failing audits since DQ for downtime is currently not in effect. You need to find out why your node was failing for those satellites.

If you could locate the exact error message then all of us can help you fix it as a community. I would urge you not to give up so easily. Mistakes happen but treat this as a learning curve.

Personally, Storj is - learning, contributing and learning again.


If your nodes both get disqualified shortly after starting a new one, that really makes me wonder whether you mixed something up during setup of those nodes. Things like mixing up the ports or using the same identity or mixing up file locations. It’s a bit too coincidental that two nodes are effected at the same time.

As I mentioned in the other thread, connection issues can’t currently lead to disqualification. Only when your node is online and responding to the satellite but doesn’t have the data it’s supposed to can it be disqualified.

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It does make it sound like you are being penalised for a.n.other nodes problem.

‘failure’ of any kind is an emotive subject especially when money is involved; I wonder if more information should/could be made available at these times and possibly an early warning!

P.S. I’m new here :slight_smile:

Negative. If the satellite can’t reach you, you would count as offline and you wouldn’t get DQed.

In the satellite logs I can see that you didn’t had the data.

error: "file does not exist; piecestore: (Node ID: 12RkpMXYS7tNZ5W5yRTEmPxGEbsiA2MrW5N2jk46jNzXRUdvaXV, Piece ID: M5HKDMTK7TSHPMLMKUUQPCYWGGLRNRP5VZCNBLEWGN4UM6TFGVLA): file does not exist" 
error: "file does not exist; piecestore: (Node ID: 12RkpMXYS7tNZ5W5yRTEmPxGEbsiA2MrW5N2jk46jNzXRUdvaXV, Piece ID: 73YE5LVWKGJCGOKPGKICGLUFZ5X7HFY4BL47Y36SQDQY4PZ4ZFZQ): file does not exist" 
error: "file does not exist; piecestore: (Node ID: 12RkpMXYS7tNZ5W5yRTEmPxGEbsiA2MrW5N2jk46jNzXRUdvaXV, Piece ID: FB3BDIKGGPQO3OVRT76YR7FMNJCTRXEUZJKIFC72KFAYKKI3ICDQ): file does not exist"

These are just the last 3 error messages.

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