Node disqualified following server change

Good evening,

I updated the node by taking it to another server and increasing the space however my node was first suspended and then disqualified. How can I go about resolving the situation?

Thank you all

Disqualification is forever. Sorry

but how is it possible? i did a simple server change … is there any support to solve?

Could you describe the process what you’ve done and do you still have the logs available? If so, please select for ERROR and FATAL.

We can help you figure out what may have gone wrong if you provide some more information. But Storj Labs has stuck firmly to the rule to not reinstate disqualified nodes, so I wouldn’t expect it to be reinstated.

If you’re going through the logs, look for errors specifically in the lines with GET_AUDIT or GET_REPAIR. And look for any lines that say “file does not exist”.