Node disqualified from Saltlake

looking for some advice where i have mistakenly unmounted the wrong drives resulting an a 4 month old node being disqualified from the saltlake satellite. Considering almost all data comes from that node should i just throw that node away and start again? I can’t even get the amount held back as it needs to be running for over a year. Seems strange a node can’t earn its reputation back and instead you are sort of encurraged to just delete it once it is disqualified from a satelite well atleast that seems the case if it is saltlake.

You can still run the node and get paid from other satellites. You can’t GE after being DQed on said satellite. Ideally you should start over from scratch when your node is DQed from all satellites.

that would be ideal for the network but not ideal for a SNO as most funds come from saltlake as far as i have seen so if you don’t have saltlake seems like i may as well dump it and start again.

You could start a new node on the same disk (different folder obs.) and keep the old going till you can graceful exit. Is the extra hassle worth it for the data you have?


not really. It was only a small node that i was planing to move to a bigger disk soon.

that said i don’t see why you can’t graceful exit at any time and why you need to wait so long. Just means people exit in ways that hurt the network before then. even if i did not want the held amount but want to help the network i can’t graceful exit

I wouldn’t worry about that part. Any new node you make will not have reputation affected.
We, as in the the rest of the network, get some bits of recovery data perhaps.

Storj is supposedly designed so that a SNO doing the best for themselves is also the best for the network. So be selfish.