Node disqualified from satellite

Hi everyone, i got disqualified from a satellite. If i want to create a new identity i need to sign again the key with a new token or i need to create a new key and sign with a new token? Than can i replace the identity file and restart the container or should i do all the setup?

If you got disqualified from one satellite only, the node might keep working on the other ones. Depending on why it got disqualified though, others may disqualify your node shortly too if the problem isn’t solved.

So the first thing I’d recommend would be to find out why your node got disqualified on that satellite by having a look at your logs, thanks to a command such as:

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep "GET_AUDIT" | grep "failed"

(this command applies for linux and a setup where logs are not redirected to a file)

Depending on the results above, you might want to keep your node.

However if you were to abandon you node, then you would have to start over by deleting all data related to your node (config files, stored data, identity files and so on…), by getting a new authorization token, signing your new identity and… basically go through the whole installation process from scratch again:

You would lose your held amount, which is lost anyway when a node gets disqualified.