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Hello everyone, my Windows node was disqualified from because I had a DNS issue. Now that the issue is resolved, is there anyway to have him back ?


Hello @bromain,
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Please provide your NodeID and we will see what we can do.

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Hello, thank you very much, here is my NID : 1sdVkj3zYvaPUXm4YXpMaLRRF5tbFNauP5h6t6UQN6p4QiZG3A

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Your node has been reinstated on this satellite.

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Thank you very much, I can see the online % growing.

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Hello, since my node has been reinstalled on the stellite, i no longer see the percentage grow : it is still at 10,52% and not growing, I donnt know what to do :frowning:

The online score requires 30 days online to fully recover. So you need to wait and check your logs for errors.

Такая же беда из-за косяка с дднс

Please do not use this DDNS provider, they misconfigured DNS, thus their domains resolvable only sometimes.
Make sure that your current DDNS is better - try to resolve your new registered domain from different locations if possible, or track the online score on your nodes.
I created a ticket for the team to reinstate your nodes.

На русском

Пожалуйста, не используйте этого DDNS провайдера, он неправильно сконфигурировал DNS, поэтому их домены можно разрешить в IP только время от времени.
Убедитесь, что выбранный вами DDNS работает лучше - попробуйте разрешить зарегистрированный у них домен из разных мест, если возможно, или отслеживайте online score на ваших узлах.
Я создал билет для команды на очистку признака дисквалификации для ваших узлов.

Your nodes have been reinstated.


Добрый день. Можете посоветовать какой публичный днс лучше использовать для работы узлов?

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Hi Alexey,
I had my Node disqualified ( early this year due to DNS problem.
I change my DNS provider, and I had no issue for the past 6 month.
Is it possible to requalify my node (12sdVzPxbQj6Abc6p8RkfuFNNh5Duk9VMpQuTigyz6NADGQHyyn) ?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately a node cannot be requalified. You will have to start over with a new node.

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If your node is not disqualified on all satellites, you can still run it, the remained satellites will still pay you for the service. Otherwise you may start from scratch - generate a new identity, sign it with a new authorization token and start with a clean storage.

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I moved node /files to new hdd, made new instalation but messed up when entering storage location and after an hour got disqualified. I fixed the files location as soon as possible but I think it is to late…

Hello @bovcan,
Welcome back!

Unfortunately you are correct. If the node is disqualified, it’s permanent.
However, if it wasn’t disqualified on all satellites, you may run it with remained (I would recommend to remove the dead data meanwhile: How To Forget Untrusted Satellites)

If your node is DQ on all satellites, well, take my condolences, but you need to start from scratch: generate a new identity (not clone), sign it with a new authorization token and start with a clean storage.

well, I am left with one last satellite us1.
maybe I will consider starting from scratch.

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