Node does not start after reboot

Rebooted qnap d4 pro after which the stroj application stopped running
In the log:
26d7d115e09b 88cc98b5b150 “/entrypoint” 6 weeks ago Exited (0) 2 hours ago storjlabsSnContainer

Please show 20 lines from your logs for this container.
From CLI (login to your QNAP via ssh):

docker logs --tail 20 storjlabsSnContainer

and paste them between two new lines with three backticks, like this:

here lines from logs

If you want to use GUI, then search the container storjlabsSnContainer in the Container station and copy last lines from logs and post here as described above.

If you want to have more control above the storagenode, I would recommend to remove this app and use CLI instead, see

Replace paths /share/storj01/identity/storagenode and /share/storj01/storage to yours.

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