Node downtime after adding second node

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Because my first node was full i added a second one on the same pc that runs with linux. The weird thing is since i added the second node i get all the time notifications from uptimerobot that the port is down. If i check the dashboard in the same time the status says my nodes are online.
In the log i see that quite often the upload is getting canceled on the new node (Maybe a thing while vetting?). On the old one this doesn’t occur but still the successful uptime checks dropped. On the new one i only have 70-80% passed uptime checks.

Anybody has a idea, where the problem could be?

Thanks for helping out.

Are both your nodes sharing the same port?

No the second one uses the port 28968

Are you talking strictly about uptimerobot?

maybe i made a mistake with the settings of the second node?

No. The sucessfull uptime checks in the dashboard are dropping aswell for the old node and the new node has an uptime from 70-80%.

Ok what is setting for the first node? Also for each node you didnt have to change docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 28968:28967 -p 14003:14003 This could have just been docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 28968:28967 -p 14003:14002

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exactly the same only the ports and the paths (for identity and data destination) are different.
-p 28967:28967 / 14002:14002

So when you check your dashboard locally does it say the node is online?

yes it says both nodes are online and the last downtime was when i stopped docker manually.

In uptimerobot you have the checks for both ports one for 28967 and 28968 also do you use a ddns service?

yes the checks are for both ports. mostly i get notifications for the first node and it is down between a couple of seconds and 5 minutes. And yes i use a ddns.
The weird thing for me is that the storj dashboard doesn’t recognise the downtime. But in the Uptime checks it is visible that my nodes are not all the time reachable for the satellites.

Its kinda hard to say if its an issue with the ddns serving the ip address to robotuptime fast enough, Does your ip change alot?

But that still wouldn’t explain the problem with the uptime checks from the satellites? And why should that occur suddendly after having a second node?

How do you know your losing connection to satellites though?

That’s not weird. There is a timeout in place and the dashboard will only show offline if you haven’t had contact with any satellite for quite a long time or if your node never made contact since starting it.

I had similar issues to what you are seeing when I first started. I never found out exactly what was causing it, but it turned out to be an issue with my router. For me rebooting it didn’t work, the only thing that helped was factory resetting the router and setting up the port forwards again. I realize that’s a pain, so it’s definitely worth it to try a simple restart of your router and modem first.

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I wouldnt go by this uptime check within the dashboard if you kept your node offline for a period of time this doesnt go back up or it goes back up really slowly not a real time uptime. Like for an example you started the new node but you kept it offline for a while then started it back up, The uptime will slowly go back up over time.

Yeah i know. But the problem is it is going pretty fast down right now… On the new node it dropped 10% since yesterday and also on the old one is dropping.
Can i already loose my node because of downtime or is this still not live?

Did this problem also occur for you after you added a second node?