Node Error Pop Up On Storjnode Log

my log has popup this error…

connection reset by peer", “errorVerbose”: “write quic [::]:28967-> connection reset by peer\n\*Stream).rawWriteLocked:315\n\*Stream).MsgSend:390\n\*drpcPiecestore_DownloadStream).Send:302\n\*Endpoint).Download.func5.1:608\n\”}

can anyone explain?

Hi @RJGSpace
I don’t know for sure but ‘quic’ refers to UDP connections rather than TCP connections. Did you configure your node for UDP port forwarding?

Peer just canceled connection, may be someone was faster than you.
Also today node use boath connections tcp and udp, udp is just more efective. I also forwarded boath.

i already have TCP and UDP port forwarding… @Stob @Vadim

Dude same issue over here I am testing it on multiple nodes without luck, and when the request to open UDP came out I opened it back then but it seems the traffic cannot get through