Node errors disk full

One node is giving me following errors:

database or disk is full


no space left on device

There is enough space on the device available. What shall I do to get rid of this error?

restart node, it will recalculate space.

Unfortunately restarting or rebooting did no resolve the error.
I am still getting errors that the disk is full.

And also new errors now like:

ordersfile corrupt entry: invalid order size: 32886 is over the maximum 32768
failed drop test_table database or disk is full

The disk is not full. I can successfully create a 10 Gb file on it.
I tried a fsck on reboot but it still does not work.

You will need to recover these databases with How to fix a "database disk image is malformed" – Storj

Show me df -h

more text to get 20 Characters

I can only install sqlite version 3.16, not 3.25.

So what now?

According to this: Database: file is not a database, impossible to know which database is concerned - #5 by Alexey

Is it really required to repair the databases? I don’t care if stats are lost. So what if I delete all .db files and restart the node?

if you delete all db. then you loose all data, as node wont know that it has files and what files.
only db. with stats can be deleted

I don’t believe this is true. Where did you find that information?

The recovering procedure requires sqlite 3.25.2 as a minimum version.

You can also remove only affected database and force storagenode to recreate it: How to fix database: file is not a database error – Storj

@Stob I believe @Vadim meant to say that you will lose all stats, but data owned by customers will not be lost.