Node Exit complete - now wait?

Once a node has exited successfully, do i have to leave node up until payout completes, or can i shut the server now for re-use?

If you have receipts, you can shutdown your server. I would like to suggest to backup the identity from this node on case if you would change your mind and decide to opt-in for zkSync or Polygon to receive your payout independently of Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum.

Hey Alexey,

Thanks for the quick respose.

I opted in to zkSync a while back, and have already had payouts.

I might just keep it up, so i can keep an eye on the payouts.

Yes, you can, but it’s not required.

Last question. If I can free up some other hardware, should I just start again fresh, or can I re-use identities or something?

You cannot reuse exited identity - it’s now dead.
To start fresh you need to generate a new identity and sign it with a new authorization token and start from scratch with a clean storage.