Node fails to start due to race condition / no internet

Whenever my Windows machine is restarted (which happens often due to Windows updates), much of the time my node fails to start automatically. Looking in the logs, the last entry I see in these situations is: “Invalid configuration: invalid contact.external-address: lookup “[my-ddns-hostname]” failed: lookup [my-ddns-hostname]: no such host”

It seems to me that there is a race condition between the storage node starting and the network for the computer connecting. If the node starts before the computer is connected to the network, then it will simply fail to start and not try again. If I then manually start the storage node service once the computer is online, then the storage node starts without issues. This probably effects nodes running on Linux as well, but I didn’t test that.

The storage node should be fixed so that it still starts even if the computer is offline… the node would simply stay in an offline state until internet connectivity is restored.

Please, start a cmd.exe with Administrators rights and execute the command from this post:

Then restart the storagenode service either from the Services applet or from the elevated Powershell:

Restart-Service storagenode

Thanks for the link to the other post. This will help mitigate the problem, but its not a permanent solution. There will be times when the DNS service has started, yet the node is still offline.

If you did this dependency and still have a problems - let us know, thank you!