Node for 2 months "offline"

I have the node for 2 months and I had no problems, but yesterday the pc was blocked and when I restarted the node it was offline and after 12 hours it is still offline. How can I activate it again?

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if I am the only one but for me is not working v1.9.5
I can see all my data on the desktop but the node is offline all the time, any idea to help
I did donwload the new ver on:

And then uninstall the old ver 1.6.4 after that did a clean instalation of : (ver. v1.9.5 )

But, not working. I forget something?

thanks alot in advence for any information.


You should check this list.

Also this should be a new topic.

I am very silly. !!

After having changed the internal IP, I assumed that I had the port pointing to the new IP … (but of course) no !!!

Thank you so much, !! surely my node is suspended I do not know because I have almost 24H offline.
(But if so, I deserve it for a fool)

Once again many thanks for the quick response and support !!

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You should never have to uninstall storj to get an update. Always check to make sure the update service process is running and it should update on its own.

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Yoou have a ponit, thank for that… :sunglasses: :+1:

Its a good safety measure because if you had reinstalled it and didnt put the right location for the data you would DQ yourself in a matter of hours. If you just started it and didnt check the dashboard right away.