Node full, questions regarding best practice

So my first windows GUI node is almost full by now (2 TB HDD, 1.6 TB allocated in config.yaml)

Is it safe to allocate more space? I thought maybe going for 1.65 TB would be ok.

I have a 3 TB disk as a spare, should I bother replacing the 2 TB with this one?
I wouldn’t mind using the opportunity to buy an 8 TB+ disk tho…but if the current high traffic is only testing from saltlake and probably gets deleted next month or so, I might as well be fine sticking to the 3 TB i already own (which is however older and less reliable than my current 2TB HDD).

I’m not willing to run a 2nd node install on the current machine before this is officially supported.

/EDIT: node dashboard currently says 148GB remaining, Windows states that 492GB are free on my storj drive. To me, that means after the node is “full” there are still 344 GB of buffer - I assume i can get away with allocating 1.70 TB then?

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Nvm, just bought an 8TB enterprise drive.

I’m still curious regarding the allocation question :slight_smile:

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You have to compare the risk Vs the profit of that decision. Its just 50GB more.

Read the last paragraph.

With the currently allocated 1.60 TB I will still have more than 15% of the drive’s total capacity as a buffer.

for the allocation you should keep in mind that windows uses the wrong unit. They actually display TiB values, but with the TB unit. Your HDD is probably actually close to the full 2TB. So yes, you can squeeze a bit more out if it. But HDD’s don’t like to be near full, it can’t hurt to leave a little more slack. And it looks like you will soon have room to spare anyway. :wink:

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This whole “Windows using the wrong unit” is driving me nuts actually. But that’s just another smart Microsoft decision i guess :wink:

So my HDD has 1.81TiB total capacity, I allocated 1.60 TiB in my config file. Is that correct so far? Does Storj use TiB?

1.60 TiB * 1.1 = 1.76 TiB for allocation + 10% spare. Sounds ok to me, tbh allocating 1.65 TiB and adding 10% reserve would get me pretty close to 1.81 TiB…

Gonna stick with 1.60 and wait for my new HDD then.

Storj uses the unit you put there. So you can type TB or TiB and it would calculate correctly. The example commands use TB though. And payout is calculated per TB as well. In short, Storj uses the correct unit in all cases and supports both.

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So my previous calculation applies, I can however replace “TB” by “TiB” in my config!

thx a lot, as usual :wink: