Node got disqualified few months ago

Hey there,
i was just checking my node state (never did that, basicly since it is running 5 months ago)
my node id is: 1are8UYbzJ58yZpoN9kNwn9qXcXHhgNhj6bgijAkJevfSBtZAd
i dont know when it got dq´d but it seems a long time ago, since i cant find anything in the logs
so my struggle is now, the node is running fine on one satelite and almost earned 2 usd this month

Should i let it running or create a new node with fresh identity?

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Hello @giostino,
Welcome to the forum!

You can see a date of disqualification via API

It’s up on you. It will be paid for usage by customers of other satellites.

mhm, i dont know, my node is not disqualified from the satelite but on all others.

the node is 5 months old, i dont want to delete the docker container and create a new one since it is allready storing data but on the other hand i want to earn as much as possible

When i create a new identity it takes ages to fill it up… so, maybe a hint what you guys would recommend?

If you only have one satellite left, I would start fresh. You are sure it’s DQ’d and not suspended? These are sometimes confused. If you had a large held amount on europe-west you could wait until it is 6 months old and run a graceful exit to get it back, but if it’s only holding a few $, I would personally cut my losses and start again. My node which is 18 months on that satellite only accrued $6 held back, so I bet yours is much less.