Node has been disqualified - 3TB

My node shows
" Your node has been disqualified on 1wFTAgs9DP5RSnCqKV1eLf6N9wtk4EAtmN5DpSxcs8EjT69tGE ."

My NAS has Data corruption…

What can I do??

nothing you cant do to save this node.

If its only one disqualified satellite I would keep it running for now.


depends on the level of corruption, if it’s really bad the node will die without a doubt, but if it’s light it might survive even tho DQ on one satellite.

you could try a GE but that will most likely fail, fix the inherent issue, get started on a new node… see if the old one survives for a few months and then if it manages that, maybe it can manage a GE…

or that’s what i will do, but not really knowledgeable in whats the best approach…
my gut shot best approach

Disqualification is definitive, nothing can be done for Saltlake.

What’s weird is that other satellites did not even start noticing any corruption yet. Either you’re super lucky and corruption affects Saltlake only (very unlikely I’m afraid), or it will take longer before they notice something’s wrong and eventually disqualify your node too.

If the amount of corrupted data is low, moving the data to a sain disk could save the node, I had the problem in the past and lost a very little fraction of data: my node survived it, but time to time its audit score drops a little before going back up, every other day. However, given that it got DQed on Saltlake in your case, I wouldn’t count too much on that :confused:

Personally, I would keep it running and (if possible) would start a new one on the side (on a other disk) so it starts getting vetted and getting reputation.
I would also get rid of all the data that could be remaining in the folder associated with the Saltlake satellite to free up space - Be super-careful if doing so, one has to be 100% sure to delete the right folder!

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I agree. Keep the node running until it is DQed on all satellites because you still get paid for the rest.
Also start a new node. If you have another HDD, use it. If not, start a 2nd node on the current HDD. So hopefully the new node gets fully vetted before the old one gets fully DQed.

Just… That’s an option but make sure the current HDD is okay first, because if it caused data corruption maybe it shouldn’t be used anymore ^^ Depends on what caused files to get corrupted in the first place I guess.