Node has only uploads

Is the 18Lxxxx sat down? After I updated, my node only doing uploads and that’s to a Sat I haven’t had much activity with before 12Lxxx

If you are not receiving upload requests from a specific satellite for some time period, that does not mean the satellite is ¨down.¨ Please note that this is not mining. You are not guaranteed to receive a constant stream of neverending data uploads. Real customers upload and download their data whenever they require it for their own purposes. Also any test cycles run by Storj team members are not going on 24/7.

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I know that this is not mining, I thought that maybe i was to late to update and may have been “paused” from the sat (has happen to me 3 times before and I’m out of mails to register a new node with), there have always been activity and always download activity, but not anymore.

Thanks for the feedback

  1. there is no pausing for low uptime currently.
  2. it is not unusual that upload testing is halted for a few days after a release. And just because you previously saw activity, that is no indication that it will constantly be that way, as I already explained before.
  3. again, none of this should be a reason to start a whole new node.
  4. even if you did want to start a new node now, you no longer need to use a new email address.
  5. please keep up with our announcements on social media, our blog and here to stay current on the latest development news.
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  1. Once per hour your storage node will checkin with the satellite. If that works, the satellite can’t be offline!
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