Node ID in file does not match running node's ID

Hello All,

I’ve been running a node for quite a while but lately things haven’t been so smooth. The latest problem I really couldn’t find an answer for on the Internet. Node keeps restarting endlessly and this is the first error I see in the logs:

2020-12-12T14:54:27.997Z ERROR services unexpected shutdown of a runner {“name”: “piecestore:monitor”, “error”: “piecestore monitor: error verifying location and/or readability of storage directory: node ID in file (1M4kqUTsAS8YkE9CkMKrkGtkacJcCraU1ZXgUujuTdh66xjynV) does not match running node’s ID (1gyT7yW5GHiRnsGNEur5E9ATXDNzwrpmT73kQsJW8dVqmNL1nh)”, “errorVerbose”: "piecestore monitor: error verifying location and/or readability of storage directory: node ID in file (1M4kqUTsAS8YkE9CkMKrkGtkacJcCraU1ZXgUujuTdh66xjynV) does not match running node’s ID (1gyT7yW5GHiRnsGNEur5E9ATXDNzwrpmT73kQsJW8dVqmNL1nh)

I previously had an issue with the latest docker version not recognising the directory in which I have my identity stored, so I downgraded to docker and started from scratch creating a new identity, authorizing it and creating a new storagenode docker container.

Any one have any ideas?

Hello @mostofm,
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You managed to mix the identity from the one node with the data from the other node with a different identity. Or you have re-created an identity for the existing node for any reason.

Please, note - the data and identity are tied together, either identity or data is useless without the each other part.

From you description I can say that your first node is disqualified already (but you will not see that, because you do not have that identity anymore), the new identity will not accept the data from a previous one, so the old data will be trashed if you managed to override the check.
If your new identity was not running too long, I would like to suggest to remove the data, the current identity and create a new one, sign it with a new authorization token and setup a new node on clean storage:

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Hello Alexey,

The only way to solve this is to wipe out all the data stored on my node??

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Yes, you already lost it with losing its identity.

However, if your new identity is worked for a while, you could have some new data, belongs to that new identity. If it is not running for like a month, I would not bother with overriding the check and start from scratch.

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How long the new identity was running?

Sorry I take that back, the new identity did not run at all. So I just wipe out all the data and create a new container?

Not only the container, but the data too, unless you have a backup of your previous identity as suggested in the documentation.
If you do not have a backup of your identity, then its data is useless, as you saw already.

I would like to suggest to move your new identity to the disk with data. In such a case they could not be lost independently of each other.

I restored the old identity from the trash and recreated the docker container and now all works well. Thanks a lot Alexey for the quick and effective help!

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You are welcome!
I’m glad that you finally solved an issue!