Node identities are not infinite?

Are there any quantity restrictions considering the number of identities generated with 1 email? I’ve tried to get some tokens but now i am getting the same token again and again.

I am generating identity on the powerful machine and then use it on a less powerfull node.

I think you have to use the identity before you’ll get a different one.


Seems to be so. But i managed to get 2 before meeting this issue

You may create as many identities as you want. However the web site will give you the next authorization token when a previous is used.

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The previous two, i guess. I have 2 identites, that are authorized but not used yet.

The key word here -

This action redeems the one-time authorization token.

Sure. But if the previous 2 authorized nodes are not used, the 3rd token will stay the same forever.

Until you use that third one to authorize an identity too.

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