Node identity missing

hi, where can i found the identity folder.
or more precisly, what shold i write here?
–mount type=bind,source="",destination=/app/identity \

Your identity folder is located in: ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode

On Raspberry Pi, your identity folder is located in: /home/pi/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode

I did what is write on this document but i’m unable to find this path : ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode

“~” is your home path, most likely “/home/yourusername”. You can that instead of “~”.

Edit: In case you’re looking for that folder in your filemanager, you need to make hidden files and folders visible by pressing “CTRL+H”

don’t know if you can see the image.
i don’t have any .local folder but only a local one and in this one i’m stuck in the share one

It looks like you set up everything with the root user, which you should not. From the link I posted earlier

Open a terminal window as a usual user (not administrator or root) and paste the command for your OS

Your home directory you can find with the command echo $HOME, which is /root for the root user. But see the note above and setup a normal user and follow the docs step by step.

No offense, but are you sure you want to run a VPS on the Internet without some basic Linux skills? I also doubt you will see any profit from it unless you use it for another purpose and it’s already paid for through it.

thank you,
i didn’t saw that mistake :wink:
finally up :smiley: