Node is Disqualified

Good Morning! I started node storj recently and I’m learning. Yesterday I did an update and needed to restart the server. Then I received an email stating that I was disqualified from a satellite, but from what I understand in the others it is working and the node is online on the dasboard. Do I need to do anything?

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Check your logs for failed and GET_AUDIT as these are audit failures. Disqualification is permanent so you can’t do anything about it. Your log will show you the issue why it failed audits which will help you fix it from happening to other satellites.

But is it okay if I stay online with just that disqualified satellite?

Yes, your node can work with other customers of other satellites until disqualified on them too.
It’s better to figure out the reason of data lose and prevent from happening of disqualification on other satellites.

for having been disqualified in one she will certainly be disqualified in the others? this node is recent, would it be better for me to uninstall and install it again? can I use the same authorization token? Thank you

If the problem is not solved, the node will be disqualified on the remained satellites as well. You can see your audit score on the dashboard for each satellite. When it will be lower than 60%, the node will be disqualified on that satellite.

You can start from scratch with a new identity and new authorization token and clean storage.
But you should eliminate the reason of disqualification, i.e. why your node managed to lost customers’ data?