Node is showing red in Suspension

I had an Internet outage for about 7 minutes and now my Node is showing red for Suspension on one of the satellites. I have a few questions.

  1. What do I do?
  2. How long can a Node be offline before it gets suspended?
  3. How long can a Node be offline before it gets disqualified and I lose everything?

Nothing. happens sometimes. suspension recovers quickly.

12 days

30 days. or failing 40 audits in a row. that could be verry quick. but its not usual.

After 4h the network will beginn to recreate the needed pieces and you loose some data.

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So what does it mean to be suspended? Does this mean that I am? It hasn’t been 12 days.

The satelite could not reach your Node.
(why is maybe found in the logs)
or clear: router restart or some minor fault; windows update etc…

in this case us1 is a big satelite and notices downtime of nodes more and faster than others.
the audits where simply not answered and therefore unknown.

but this does not count as failed audits, where the node answers with wrong/ or data not on the disk. while online.

in some hours your online score will go down a bit maybe, nothing to worry about.
and this recovers after the next 30 days online.

the node is in a revision state.
as soon it is online again, suspension will quick fade away.

IF, then just from one satelite.

For how long would I be suspended from that satellite for? Does it prevent me from receiving data from it?

Depending on a reason for suspension.
If it’s because of offline (the online score is below 60%), then it went from suspension when the online score would be greater than 60%, how fast is depend on amount of data and audits frequency, and the node’s age. To fully recover your node should be online for the next 30 days.
If it’s because of suspension score below 60% (your node answering on audits with unknown errors), then it went from the suspension when the suspension score will be greater than 60%. It will grow with each successful audit.

Since your node has a low suspension score, it answers on audits with unknown error (“file not found”, “I/o” and corrupted files are known errors and they affect an audit score instead).
To check the reason of falling suspension score you may use this article:

My nose was offline for 7 minutes and at a 95.25% suspension value, 100% audit value, and 99.92% online value. I don’t see how that would be below 60%.

I’m back up to 96% in the yellow now but still, I’m confused as to why I was suspended from that satellite in the first place.

Dropping of suspension score is unrelated to downtime, only the online score depends on your online status.
The suspension score is dropping when your node answers on audits (i.e. it’s online), but returned an unexpected error instead of the requested piece. This is much more dangerous than falling of online score, because the next stage is failing audits and disqualification.
The online score will fully recover in the next 30 days online. The suspension score would recover with each successful audit. If it’s still falling, you need to figure out the issue and fix it ASAP.

Ah there is the confusion. It was unexpected interrupted at one audit. Therefore the drop in suspension.

No need to worry in this case.

Bad luck with the router reboot while node running and making audit. You find this propably exactly in the logs.

You may check the logs to be sure.

Thank you for the clarification, it’s back up to 98%

In this case it would be a timeout, and it doesn’t affect neither of scores immediately, only if the audit of the same piece would timeout two more times then it will be considered as failed and will affect the audit score.

In other words, to get a suspension score affected the node must be online and must answer on audit with unknown error, so it cannot be a timeout like in case of interruption.
I would insist on searching for a reason of failed audits in the log.

I’m back up to 93% as of today and all good to go.

I can look into the logs just to see what the cause was but I would need to know what I’m looking for and how to search for it with a command. Care to elaborate? I am using Linux + Docker via CLI.

With the article above

Okay so I went ahead and ran the command for the logs.

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep -E “GET_AUDIT|GET_REPAIR” | grep failed
This returns nothing.

sudo docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep -E “GET_AUDIT|GET_REPAIR” | grep failed
I ran it with sudo because accessing my logs file is access denied otherwise, “docker logs storagenode” for example is denied if sudo is not used.
This returns nothing as well but it just takes a long time.

maybe the logs bloated? check the size of the logfile.

95% 96% 98% 93% ? in this order? then thats not normal.

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Sorry, meant to type 99% for today, 99.57 to be exact. I was looking at a different value not related to the satellites.

Since they uses docker logs, the log is not redirected to the file, it’s in the container. And when the container is re-created, the log will be deleted with the container.
For honestly I do not know, how to see a log size for the container except searching for the container’s storage location.