Node is suddenly offline

Hi guys,

i need your help to try to figure out some sort of mystery.

One of my nodes, running in Windows is showing as offline - guess between yesterday and today as i check them daily.

The strange part is that nothing has changed since yesterday.

. All ports are open.
. Restarted both storj services - same issue
. Restarted the machine - same issue
. Client version - 1.21.2
. I’m using UpTimeRobot and it is reporting that this node is Up

Any help is highly appreciated.


Hey one question, Do you have static IP addresses set interlay?
Make sure that NAT port forwarding is linked to the correct IP address.

That was my issue last time

Solved by setting Static IP addresses


thanks for your reply.
I forgot to say that i use No-Ip to get a fixed IP.

The host IP is the one set in the router so everything is properly configured. I can test the port forwarding successfully using for example.

It just makes no sense when nothing has changed.


Anything in the log file of the offline node?

Hi guys,

i have found out the reason for the issue.

When i’ve configured the node - 1 year ago - i forgot to change the node name to the hostname provided by No-Ip in the config.yaml file and somehow i’ve kepth the same IP address for all this time :smile:

Changed it and everything is working fine.

Thanks for your help.